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International fisheries scientists meet in Nelson to share world-leading ideas

Press release: Deepwater Group Ltd, 3 April 2017 Scientists from more than 20 countries are meeting in Nelson this week for an international conference to discuss the latest advances in fisheries technology. This is the first time the global organisation ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea) has held a conference in New Zealand and...
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Seafood industry funds conservation expedition to Snares Islands

Press release: Deepwater Group Ltd, 31 March 2017 A science expedition led by Paul Sagar is setting off to the Snares Islands for an annual survey of Southern Buller’s albatross, and while there also collecting Skua seabird poo for the Department of Conservation (DOC). The endemic Southern Buller’s albatross is unusual among albatrosses in that it breeds...
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Sustainable New Zealand Seafood Promoted

Press release: Deepwater Group Ltd, 31 March 2017 Australians are being told to choose New Zealand seafood on Sustainable Seafood Day, which will be celebrated on 31 March throughout Australia. This is because over 50% of New Zealand’s wild catch is now certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council. Sustainable Seafood Day is an annual initiative...
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Deepwater Group welcomes Kermadec research

Press release: Deepwater Group Ltd, 16 February 2017 The discoveries of new species made by NIWA on a 20-day scientific voyage to the remote Kermadec region have been welcomed by deep sea fishers, who encourage further scientific exploration of this vast untouched ocean northeast of New Zealand.
George Clement, Chief Executive of Deepwater...
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