Scampi (SCI)

Scampi catch rates are stable and within management targets in our major fishing grounds. Scampi are caught by trawlers in target fisheries and are seldom caught as bycatch by vessels in other fisheries. The largest scampi fishing grounds are around the Auckland Islands. Other important scampi grounds are off the east coast of New Zealand’s North and South Islands.

Common Name


Scientific Name

Metanephrops challengeri

Ministry Code


Quick Facts

  • Trawl fishery (depths of ~300-450m)
  • Managed as eleven fish stocks: the main ones are Bay of Plenty (SCI 1), Hawke’s Bay, Wairarapa Coast (SCI 2), Mernoo Bank (SCI 3), western Chatham Rise and Chatham Islands (SCI 4A) and sub-Antarctic (SCI 6)
  • DWG represents each stock and 44% of the total quota
  • Live commonly on New Zealand’s continental slope, in burrows in the silty and muddy seabed feeding on small crustaceans
  • Start breeding around 3-4 years and live to ~15 years
  • Considered a delicacy with a very sweet juicy taste
  • Although they look like a prawn, scampi are actually a type of lobster