Squid (SQU)

Squid are unusual because they grow to adulthood and die within the space of a year, so every year sees a completely new population. Currently, over 95% of New Zealand’s arrow squid catch is taken by deepwater trawlers from southern and sub-Antarctic fishing grounds.

Common Name


Scientific Name

Nototodarus gouldi (arrow squid); Nototodarus sloanii (arrow squid)

Ministry Code


Quick Facts

  • Trawl fishery (found >300-500m)
  • Managed as three fish stocks: New Zealand’s Southern Islands (SQU 6T), the rest of New Zealand’s EEZ (SQU 1T and SQU 1J), and Kermadec (SQU 10T) which is not harvested
  • DWG represents all stocks except SQU 10T and 93% of their total quota
  • Live near the seabed moving up the water column at night to feed on planktonic crustaceans, small fish and other squid
  • Grow to adulthood and die within the space of a year
  • Firm shiny tender white flesh, ideal for light summery meals