The Operational Procedures (OPs) are an important part of our businesses and give confidence to the Minister and others that we are doing our jobs well with regular review and improvement.

Download all of the OPs and Ten Commandments below:

Hoki OP
Ling Bottom Longline LIN 2-7 OP (Version 3)
Marine Mammals OP (Version 9)
Fisheries New Zealand SQU6T Operational Plan (Version 1.1)
Orange Roughy & Oreo OP (Version 18)
Reporting OP (Version 3)
Scampi Fisheries OP (Version 3)
Seabirds OP (Version 6)
Sharks OP (Version 2)

Deepwater Trawl Vessel Management Plan (VMP) Template (Version 6)
Scampi Vessel Management Plan (VMP) Template (Version 3)
Trawl Vessel Protected Species Risk Management Plan (PSRMP) Template (2018-19)

Ten Commandments for Ling Longliners to Save Seabirds
Ten Commandments for Marine Mammals
Ten Commandments for Saving Seabirds
Ten Commandments for Scampi Vessels
Ten Commandments for SQU 6T & SBW 6I Fisheries
Ten Golden Rules for Protected Species Reporting