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More breeding albatrosses at remote Snares Islands

An annual southern Buller's albatross census on the Snares Islands has been successful with more breeding pairs counted and banded. These remote islands, 120 km south of Stewart Island, are home to the main breeding grounds for this endemic albatross. The survey was undertaken by scientist Paul Sagar, who like many...
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Orange roughy fisheries certified as sustainable

Press Release: 9 December 2016, Minister Nathan Guy and Ministry for Primary Industries Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy has welcomed certification of several orange roughy fisheries by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). “This is a great success and recognition for a fishery that was in real trouble in the early 1990s,” says Mr Guy. “A huge amount of...
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NGO declares: ‘the MSC officially became a sham’

Press Release: Intrafish Media

A group of NGOs is coming out against the new Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification of the New Zealand orange roughy (Hoplostethus atlanticus) fishery.

Around 60 percent of the total catch of New Zealand’s orange roughy achieved certification in December for sustainable fishing practices, and is now eligible to carry...

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The Story of New Zealand Orange Roughy

The story of New Zealand orange roughy:  From the “poster child” of unsustainable fishing to Marine Stewardship Council assessment.

By P.L. Cordue and originally published on CFOOD. In the late 1970s, a “huge” new fisheries resource was discovered in deep water on the north Chatham Rise. In the early days, there was somewhat of a gold...
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New Zealand Orange Roughy Gets Top International Sustainability Tick

Press Release: Seafood New Zealand and Deepwater Group, December 9, 2016

New Zealand’s three largest orange roughy fisheries have been certified as meeting the international gold standard for sustainable fishing by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)  (MSC release). 

This achievement further demonstrates New Zealand’s commitment to sustainable fisheries management, Deepwater...

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Sanford’s Move From Volume to Value Helps Boost Profit 152%

Press Release: Sanford Limited Sanford Limited (NZX:SAN) has today posted a 152% increase in net profit after tax to $34.7m for the year ended 30 September. The Group posted an 85.5% increase in reported EBIT to $57.7m, with revenue up $13.2m to $463.5m. Sanford CEO, Volker Kuntzsch said it’s a pleasing result after a year of focus across...
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The Seafood Industry Supports Huge Antarctic Marine Reserve

ross-sea-mpa The declaration of the Ross Sea marine reserve demonstrates protection, conservation, and sustainable commercial fishing can go hand in hand. Agreement to progress with the world’s largest marine reserve, spanning 1.55 million square kilometres of Antarctic waters, was announced last week. Final details are still to be...
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DWG Submits on New Zealand Sea Lion Threat Management Plan

sealionThe New Zealand sea lion Threat Management Plan (TMP) was sought by the Minister of Conservation and the Minister for Primary Industries in 2014 in response to an ongoing trend of decline in sea lion pup numbers at the Auckland Islands. You can find out more about...
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Revolutionary new trawling method improves quality of catch

A revolutionary new sustainable trawling method is showing great potential for increasing the value of New Zealand’s fisheries by more than $43 million per year by 2025, industry leaders heard in Wellington today. The Precision Seafood Harvesting (PSH) technology known as a Modular Harvest System (MHS) is a potential replacement for traditional fishing methods. Using...
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Seizing the global opportunities for New Zealand seafood

The growing global demand for environmentally sustainable, natural, healthy food offers great opportunities for the New Zealand seafood industry, Seafood New Zealand Chairman George Clement says. Speaking at the New Zealand Seafood Industry Conference in Wellington today, Mr Clement referred to the Food and Agriculture Organisation’s (FAO) prediction that global food production will need to increase...
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Speech to the Seafood New Zealand 2015 Conference

Thank you for the invitation to open the 2015 New Zealand Seafood Industry Conference. Your industry is vital to the economy, especially regional economies, directly providing 8000 jobs and earning more than $1.5 billion in export revenue each year. This year’s conference has a great theme. “Sustainable Seafood – Adding Value” is a perfect summary of where...
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Government to review fisheries management

The Government has embarked on an operational review of New Zealand's fisheries management, Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy announced today. Speaking to 250 delegates at the Seafood New Zealand annual conference in Wellington, Guy said it could result in changes to management and regulations and to the Fisheries Act. "It's high-level, we won't be getting into the detail...
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New Zealand fish stocks performing well

New Zealand’s fisheries are performing well overall, Dr Pamela Mace, the Principal Advisor Fisheries Science, with the Ministry for Primary Industries said today. She was providing an update on the status of New Zealand’s marine fisheries at the New Zealand Seafood Industry conference. “New Zealand’s fisheries are performing extremely well overall, at least as good as or...
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