Seafood New Zealand is encouraging New Zealanders to put our sustainable seafood on their tables this Christmas.

Kaimoana is a massive part of New Zealand tradition, and our seafood comes from one of the best fisheries management systems in the world.

“Families looking to fill their plates with fresh and healthy local produce this Christmas cannot go wrong with New Zealand seafood,” says Seafood New Zealand chief executive Tim Pankhurst.

“If you shop around you can find a species that suits just about everyone’s palettes and budgets.”

New Zealand’s sustainable fisheries management regime combines a quota system, pursuit of innovative fishing, environmental mitigation techniques and a commitment from fishers to look after our sea life.

All of this means you can be confident that your New Zealand seafood choice this Christmas is looking out for the future of our fisheries.

“There are plenty of fish in New Zealand waters for us all to enjoy.  Consumers can be confident that they have made a sustainable choice with a seafood dinner.”


For more information contact:

Caitlin Salter on telephone 027 251 8786