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Deepwater Council 2022-23 Annual Report

Our annual report provides an overview of our activities and achievements over the past year, as well as key statistics and information about New Zealand's deepwater seafood industry.

Key highlights from the Annual Report

Sustainability: We are committed to ensuring that deepwater fisheries are managed sustainably, and the report highlights the industry's good track record in this area. Ninety-six per cent of landings from stocks of known status were from stocks with no sustainability concerns.

Science and research: DWC supports science and research initiatives to improve the understanding of deepwater fish stocks and the marine environment. In 2022-23, DWC contracted AgResearch to undertake a carbon life cycle assessment of processed deepwater fish fillets, which found that they have a low carbon footprint compared to other sources of protein.

Industry performance: The deepwater seafood industry is an important contributor to the economy, generating export revenue of $599 million in 2022-23. The sector also employs around 8,500 people.

Additional information

The report includes a more detailed overview of the DWC's activities in the following areas:

  • Management and performance of key deepwater fisheries
  • Key industry science projects
  • Review of bottom trawling in the EEZ
  • Protected species management
  • Deepwater Info Portal.

A PDF of the Annual Report can be downloaded here or scan the QR code to read it on your mobile device.