Hake escabeche with avocado oil (click image for recipe) 
Hake rillette, popped caper, kaffir lime dust cone, fennel tips
Panfried hake on seasonal vegetable salad with extra virgin olive oil dressing


Brioche hoki sliders, snow pea slaw, watercress salsa verde, citrus aioli (click image for recipe)

Panfried hoki wholemeal, bacon & herb crumb

Jack Mackerel

Jack Mackerel sashimi with soy gelée, furikake & sea grapes

Jack Mackerel sashimi with dashi jelly, radish & wasabi mayonnaise


Horopito dusted Ling taco, pico de gallo, Zany Zeus lime yoghurt

Orange Roughy

Orange Roughy carpaccio, NZ Yuzu beurre blanc, Wakame fronds

Panfried orange roughy with citrus cauliflower salad, toasted sourdough, herb puree, pistachio nuts (click image for recipe)


Steamed scampi with pumpkin tortellini & cauliflower puree

Steamed scampi with spinach tarragon puree, fried tomato skin


Salt and pepper squid
Chilli Salt & Szechuan Pepper Squid (click image for recipe)

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