29 September 2008

The Minister of Fisheries’ catch limit reductions for orange roughy on the East and South Chatham Rise announced yesterday are the result of a long term plan, said George Clement, chief executive, The Deepwater Group Ltd (DWG).

“Quota owners are working in close collaboration with the Ministry of Fisheries to ensure sustainable management.  DWG fully supports the introduction of a Fisheries Plan for this fishery.  In 2006 it was originally proposed that the TAC (total allowable catch) be reduced by 1,000 tonnes in each of 3 years.  The present reduction, effective from 1October 2008, is the third step in this process.”

Quota owners are also working with Ministry scientists in undertaking acoustic biomass surveys on the Chatham Rise each year.  The surveys provide a basis to determine long term catches, he said.

The Deepwater Group Ltd (DWG) represents the interests of orange roughy quota owners.