Our history

Deepwater Group is committed to the sustainable management of New Zealand's deepwater fisheries. Formed in 2005, DWG works in partnership with the Ministry for Primary Industries and other interest groups, to ensure New Zealand’s deepwater fisheries resources are managed to optimise their long-term sustainable yields.

Prior to 2005, there were separate management companies for each of the hoki, squid and orange roughy fisheries in New Zealand. That year the three companies agreed to amalgamate, combining deepwater interests in a single, efficient management company.

Hoki achieves MSC certification – the first major whitefish fishery in the world to do so
Deepwater Group (DWG) Ltd formed to provide a collective voice for deepwater quota owners
All vessels must follow Environmental Codes of Practice to mitigate environmental interactions and adhere to international best practice
Industry proposes the development of Benthic Protection Areas to the New Zealand Government. The following year they are enshrined in law after public consultation on proposals
DWG CEO invited as a member on the Prince of Wales' International Sustainability Unit (Marine Programme)
New Zealand southern blue whiting achieves MSC certification
DWG supports the establishment of three new marine reserves around the sub-Antarctic islands
New Zealand hake and ling achieve MSC certification
DWG supports DOC’s Sea Lion Threat Management Plan and makes further suggestions by way of submission
New Zealand’s three largest orange roughy fisheries achieve MSC certification (with four conditions) representing around 70% of the orange roughy catch
Industry launches OpenSeas, a transparency tool profiling the credentials of New Zealand fish
Hake, hoki, ling and southern blue whiting recertified and two of four orange roughy conditions closed
MSC introduces labour criteria and DWG reports for the first time on measures to prevent forced and child labour. Hake, hoki, ling and southern blue whiting pass annual audit
Orange roughy fisheries pass annual audit and close all conditions. All fisheries are now certified without conditions and meet the 80% level or higher for all MSC criteria - confirming they are amongst the top performing fisheries in the world
Maintain performance of certified fisheries and investigate value of certifying squid, scampi, oreo, and jack mackerel.