SSO4 Fishery Improvement Plan



As part of DWG's Fishery Certification Programme, three key oreo fisheries are in formal Fishery Improvement Plans (FIP). These are: Black Oreo Trawl Fishery (BOE 3A), Smooth Oreo Trawl Fishery (SSO3A), and Smooth Oreo Trawl Fishery (SSO4).

This FIP for SSO4 was provided to MSC Stakeholders for their consideration during June and July 2015. DWG has developed this FIP using tools and templates provided by the MSC to establish a public, transparent, inclusive and stepwise approach towards MSC certification.

The objective of this FIP is to ensure the performance of this fishery meets the MSC Fisheries Standard and subsequently achieves MSC certification. This FIP provides external observers the ability to monitor fisheries improvement, to track progress, and to assess fisheries performance against the MSC Fisheries Standard.

SSO4 is currently progressing through Stage 2 Phase 2 FIP. This involves remedial management actions and monitoring progress according to a public, time-bound FIP. This FIP will be updated and made available on our website along with all supporting documentation.


For more information contact:
Sharleen Gargiulo, Sustainable Fisheries Manager
Phone: +64 9 379 0556