Deepwater Group and the Ministry for Primary Industries are committed to the sustainable management of New Zealand’s deepwater fisheries. To this end, we have jointly embarked on a Fisheries Certification Programme (FCP) with the objective of achieving independent certification of New Zealand’s key deepwater fisheries, including oreo fisheries (Figure 1). Our FCP is a four-staged work programme and a summary of this process to date can be seen on our Certification page.

As part of this programme, three oreo fisheries are in formal Fishery Improvement Plans (FIP). This includes Black Oreo (BOE3A) trawl fishery, Smooth Oreo (SSO3A) trawl fishery, and Smooth Oreo (SSO4) trawl fishery.

These FIPs have been developed in April 2015 and will be provided to MSC Stakeholders for their consideration. DWG has developed this FIP using tools and templates provided by MSC to establish a public, transparent, inclusive and stepwise approach towards MSC Certification.

The objective of these three oreo fishery FIPs is to ensure management of the fisheries meets the MSC Fisheries Standard and achieves MSC Certification. MSC’s FIPs templates and tools provide for the progressive and time-bound implementation of improvements. They provide external observers with the ability to benchmark fisheries improvement, to track progress, and to demonstrate conformance with the MSC Certification requirements. These MSC improvement tools have been coupled with an open, transparent and publically notified pathway to facilitate MSC certification of the oreo fisheries.

BOE3A, SSO3A, and SSO4  are currently progressing through Stage 2 Phase 2 FIP. This involves remedial management actions and monitoring progress according to a public, time-bound FIP. These FIPs will be updated and all available documents will be available here:

Black Oreo (BOE3A) Trawl Fishery

Smooth Oreo (SSO3A) Trawl Fishery

Smooth Oreo (SSO4) Trawl Fishery