SeaWeb Seafood Summit Presentation 2016

Collaboration Advances Conservation: Lessons from New Zealand Orange Roughy

Effective science and management requires collaboration. There are multiple sources of knowledge and expertise when it comes to the sustainable management of fisheries. Finding ways to draw on and integrate the knowledge from a wide range of stakeholders, not just of the scientists and managers but also from those at the frontline, strengthens fisheries science, management and the acceptance of these. New Zealand’s orange roughy fisheries have been widely considered as contentious and poorly managed. These views are being challenged with effective science and conservative management. Collaboration among industry, government, scientists and NGOs has led to a step change in the management of these fisheries. Quota owners have combined their interests, through the establishment of Deepwater Group (DWG), to provide incentives for co-operative engagement in the sustainable management of the orange roughy (and other deep water) fisheries. This has enabled a formal partnership with the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) with the shared goal of the sustainable utilization of orange roughy.

Presentation by G Clement at SeaWeb Seafood Summit, Malta, 2016